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Assessment of drug effects on driving performance using on-the-road studies.
B 25305 (In: B 25301) /83.4/ IRRD 801380
Smiley, A.
In: Drugs and driving : proceedings of the first international symposium on prescription drugs and driving performance, Vinkeveen, The Netherlands, 25-28 June 1984, p. 51-67, 2 graph., 2 tab.

Samenvatting The testing of prescription drugs effects on driving behaviour on the road is at an early stage. The emphasis in most of such studies is on the pharmacological and clinical aspects of drug taking. Much less attention has been paid to the design of the driving tasks or the performance variables that are measured. Much more research is needed to claim that on-the-road studies are superior to laboratory studies in really discovering true drug effects on driving.
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