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Mechanisms of drug-induced impairment of driving.
B 25304 (In: B 25301) /83.4/ IRRD 801379
Linnoila, M. Guthrie, S & Lister, H.
In: Drugs and driving : proceedings of the first international symposium on prescription drugs and driving performance, Vinkeveen, The Netherlands, 25-28 June 1984, p. 29-49, 2 fig., 4 graph.

Samenvatting Drug or alcohol induced impairment of information processing is the most likely cause of increased risk of accidents in drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While this assertion is based on existing data and probably true, the concept of information processing treats the central nervous system as a black box. The recent explosion in neurosciences allows an attempt to peek into the black box to try to elucidate some of the basic mechanisms in druginduced impairment.
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