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What works, and doesn't work to deter drunk drivers.
B 25015 (In: B 25001) /83/ IRRD 2930318
Aiken, D.
In: Alcohol, accidents, and injuries : proceedings of the International Congress and Exposition, Detroit, Michigan, February 24-28, 1986, SAE Paper No. 860358, p. 101-108, 1 graph.

Samenvatting This paper contends that we know how to deter drunk driving, and have done so in some States, to a degree.The systems that work are reviewed, and those that are counterproductive are criticized. Actual case studies are used to support the theory that the legal and liquor industries are the major roadblocks to progress. Basic components of an effective deterrent system, and the strategies needed to put them in place, are outlined in some detail.
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