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Punishment and/or treatment for driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs : current concepts, experiences and prospectives : proceedings of the International Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden, October 19-20, 1984.
B 24053 /83.4/
Valverius, M.R. (ed.)
Stockholm, Dalctraf, 1985, 272 p., graph., tab., ref.

Samenvatting The topics of this proceedings range from diagnoses, behavioural aspects, recidivism, education, assessment, to therapeutic strategies mainly in Europe and in USA. The coordination of punishment with treatment is the main issue in the efforts to make the traffic safe and free from drinking drivers. Unification of nomenclature, methods of evaluation of results, application of the legislature in various jurisdiction, acceptance of voluntary or coerced treatment have been the questions discussed for finding the most suitable solution of the problem.
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