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Field test of a drunk driving warning system (DDWS) concept.
B 23773 (In: B 23751 [electronic version only]) /83/91/ IRRD 281836
Allen, R.W. Stein, A.C. & Jex, H.R.
In: Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference of the American Association for Automotive Medicine, Denver, Colorado, October 8-10, 1984, p. 261-272, fig., graph., tab., ref.

Samenvatting The Drunk Driving Warning System (DDWS) is a vehicle-mounted device for testing driver impairment and activating alarms. This paper describes the field test conducted to 1. test the performance of DDWS in an operational setting, and 2. identify and solve the practical operational issues related to DDWS implementation through a municipal court system under various state laws and state agency operating procedures.
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