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The long-term traffic safety impact of a pilot alcohol abuse treatment as an alternative to license suspension. Volume 2 of "An evaluation of the California drunk driving countermeasure system".
B 23263 /83/
Sadler, D.D. & Perrine, M.W.
Sacramento, California State Department of Motor Vehicles, 1984, XI + 139 p., fig., graph., tab., ref.; CAL-DMV-RSS-84-90

Samenvatting The findings of this study suggest that the original SB 330 sentencing strategy, which waived license action as an incentive to participation in an alcohol rehabilitation program, had a negative impact on traffic safety. The hoped for reductions in alcohol-related accidents among SB 330 program participants did not occur. These findings indicate that some other alternative besides license-action waivers should be used as an inducement for repeat DUI offenders to participate in treatment.
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