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Effects of bicycle boxes on bicyclist and motorist behavior at intersections. Prepared for the City of Austin.
20210671 ST [electronic version only]
Loskorn, J. Mills, A. Brady, J. Duthie, J. & Machemehl, R.
Austin, TX, The University of Texas at Austin, Center for Transportation Research CTR, The City of Austin Bicycle Team, 2010, 34 p., 4 ref.

Samenvatting While Austin has a sizeable network of bicycle lanes, traditional bicycle facilities at intersections are often inadequate and can lead to unsafe interactions between motorists and bicyclists. One potential tool to alleviate this problem is the bicycle box. This device is intended to improve the predictability of bicyclist stopping position at an intersection by allowing bicyclists utilizing a bicycle lane to position themselves in front of motorists waiting at a red light. A bicyclist in this position is more visible to motorists and therefore less likely to be hit by a right-turning motorist. Typically, a 'No Right Turn on Red' sign is installed at a bicycle box intersection to further prevent bicyclist-motorist collisions. The primary goal of this study was to determine what effect, if any, bicycle boxes have on bicyclist and motorist safety. Data of bicyclist and motorist behavior was collected under three conditions: while no bicycle box existed, after bicycle box markings were installed at the intersection, and after a chartreuse color was added to the bicycle box and the approaching bicycle lane. For this study, safety was defined along the following lines: (1) The bicyclist used the bicycle lane to approach the intersection, (2) the bicyclist used the bicycle box after installation, (3) motorists did not encroach on the stop line or bicycle box, (4) the bicyclist departed the intersection before the motorist and (5) the bicyclist did not make an illegal movement, such as running a red light. Bicycle boxes were installed on Shoal Creek Boulevard at Anderson Lane and on Speedway at 38th Street. These sites were chosen due to the high volume of bicyclists along these routes. (Author/publisher)
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