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Sykling mot enveiskjøring : effekter av å tillate toveis sykling i enveisregulerte gater i Oslo. [Counter-flow cycling : evaluation of counter-flow cycling in one-way streets in Oslo city centre.]
20210666 ST [electronic version only]
Bjørnskau, T. Fyhri, A. & Sørensen, M.W.J.
Oslo, Institute of Transport Economics TØI, 2012, IV + IV + 45 + [6] p., ref.; TØI Report ; 1237/2012 - ISSN 0808-1190 / ISBN 978-82-480-1392-1 (paper version / 978-82-480-1391-4 (electronic version)

Samenvatting As part of a policy to improve cycling conditions in Oslo, counter-flow cycling was permitted and cycle lanes were installed in both directions of the one-way streets Kirkegata and Skippergata. Surveys were conducted before and after the implementation in 2011, comparing road users in the two trial streets with those in two control streets. Results reveal that cyclists in the trial streets were satisfied with counter flow cycling, cycling more in the streets and less on pavements, and feeling more secure. Opinions among pedestrians and car drivers were mixed. Pedestrians felt slightly less secure after the implementation, but despite this were generally in favour of counter flow cycle lanes in one-way streets. Car drivers were negative about the new cycle lanes in the one trial street where parking facilities had been removed, but opinions were mixed in the other trial street. Video observations reveal that counter flow cycling led to few traffic conflicts. Thus such a measure would not seem to be detrimental to road safety. (Author/publisher)
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