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Status 2021 : statistics on non-occupational accidents and the level of safety in Switzerland.
20210565 ST [electronic version only]
[Niemann, S. Achermann Stürmer, Y. & Derrer, P. & Ellenberger, L.]
Berne, BfU Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, 2021, 65 p.

Samenvatting Only by understanding the nature of a problem is it possible to take the appropriate measures. The accurate recording of safety indicators is, therefore, a prerequisite for successful accident prevention. To define the safety level, the BFU not only takes into account accident occurrence but also other indicators from the areas of risk behaviour (in this issue, new topics include distraction in road traffic, risky behaviour while hiking in the mountains as well as DIY and gardening under the influence of alcohol) and protective behaviour (for instance handrail use when climbing stairs). The use of systematically collected indicators not only facilitates a more detailed delineation of the action needed and more thorough intervention planning. Since the key indicators are recorded regularly, they also represent an important source of information to evaluate the implemented prevention measures. This year, there are data gaps for some indicators (e. g. seat belt and bicycle helmet-wearing rates), as the surveys could not be carried out in 2020 due to the pandemic. However, these indicators are being published again for the current year. The indicators shown in this Status Report help prevent human suffering – 2,400 people are fatally injured in non-occupational accidents each year – and reduce economic costs of 12 billion Swiss francs in the future. (Author/publisher)
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