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Guide to road design. Part 6: Roadside design, safety and barriers.
20210443 ST [electronic version only]
Troutbeck, R.
Sydney, NSW, AUSTROADS, 2020, VIII + 235 p., ref.; AGRD06/20 - ISBN 978-1-922382-44-3

Samenvatting The 'Guide to road design Part 6: Roadside design, safety and barriers' provides guidance on roadside design and in particular guidance on evaluating the risk of a roadside and the selection and use of road safety barrier systems. Roadsides have to accommodate many features that support the road and the safe and efficient operation of traffic, and have to be designed with regard to environmental requirements. Part 6 should therefore be read in conjunction with other parts of the 'Guide to road design'. Part 6 provides information to enable designers to understand the principles that lead to the design of safer roads, identify hazards, undertake a risk assessment process of roadside hazards, establish the need for treatment of hazards and determine the most appropriate treatment. Methods of evaluating the effectiveness of treatment options are summarised. A comprehensive design process, guidance and design considerations are provided for the selection of a suitable barrier and for the lateral and longitudinal placement of barrier systems. (Author/publisher)
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