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CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme : Call Safety : use of vehicle restraint systems, 2012. SAVeRS (Selection of Appropriate Vehicle Restraint Systems), Deliverable 1.1: Defining the different parameters which can influence the need and selection of VRS.
20210440 ST [electronic version only]
Erginbas, C. Tanzi, N. Williams, G. & Amato, G.
[Brussels], Conference of European Directors of Road CEDR, 2014, III + 169 p. + bijl., ref.

Samenvatting SAVeRS (Selection of Appropriate Vehicle Restraint Systems) is a project funded by a number of CEDR Members within the CEDR 2012 Transnational Road Research Programme 'Safety'. The first Work Package of the project is aimed at analysing the existing criteria for identifying the need for the placement of a vehicle restraint system and for the identification of the most appropriate performance class. This report contains the research output of the project Task 1.1: Analysis of National Road Authority Methodologies and Task 1.2 Literature Review. For this aim both the existing national standard and guidelines and literature documents have been analysed in detail. The comparative analysis of 35 national standards and guidelines covering most of Europe and several non-European Countries has shown that there are many commonalities and it is possible to identify the most frequently used parameters with reference to safety barriers. Within the literature review results, safety considerations for safety barriers and vehicle parapets are first presented, containing an assessment of the criteria used in EN1317 for evaluating the VRS performance; in particular ASI and THIV are discussed. Then the research outputs on placement of safety barriers and vehicle parapets and terminals, transitions and crash cushions are presented. A specific section is devoted to bridge parapets and the protection of third parties. Other two sections have been dedicated to vulnerable road users: Motorcyclist Protection Systems (MPS) and the influence of vulnerable road users on decision making of VRS placement. Cultural influences on decision making of VRS placement are also discussed. Relevant literature review on Run-Off-Road Accidents, which contribute to a disproportionally high number of fatal or severe injury accidents, has also been reported. The literature review concluded with a section dedicated to costs and financial implications of Vehicle Restraint Systems. (Author/publisher)
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