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CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme : Call Safety, 2016. PROGReSS (Provision of Guidelines for Road Side Safety) - Road side safety elements : state of the art report, WP 2 Road authority review : roadside design and operations, Deliverable 2.1.
20210438 ST [electronic version only]
Connell, T. Hall, G. & Erginbas, C.
[Brussels], Conference of European Directors of Road CEDR, 2019, 88 p., 10 ref.

Samenvatting PROGReSS (Provision of Guidelines for Road Side Safety) is a project funded within the CEDR 2016 Safety Call, in which the results of a status quo review of available EU roadside safety standards and guidelines are combined with the experiences from National Road Authorities in applying these in the design, operation and maintenance phases of EU high speed roads (speed limits higher than 70 km/h). A special emphasis is put on the six funding countries (Belgium-Flanders, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, and United Kingdom), plus Germany and Portugal which are included to increase the geographic representation of the results. The purpose of this report is to describe and assess the findings of the surveys which have collected the experiences of National Road Authorities (NRA), Regional Road Authorities (RRA), Consultants and practitioners in Europe. The objectives of WP2 were to: • Arrange personal interviews with NRA representatives from the six funding countries as well as Portugal and Germany; • Establish a mailing list for dissemination; • Identify dilemmas NRAs, RRAs, consultants and practitioners face when making road (side) design and management decisions; • Verify the list of critical roadside elements and their definitions as defined in WP1; • Establish current practice for roadside design; • Establish current practice for safe roadside maintenance; • Establish the role of EU (CEN) standards for vehicle restraint systems on working procedures relating to safe roadside design and management; • Establish the role of Road Safety Audit (RSA) and Road Safety Inspection (RSI), as defined by the Road Infrastructure Safety Management (RISM) Directive (2008/96/EC), on roadside design and operations; • Identify and isolate shortcomings in current (safe) roadside design and operations guidelines and standards. (Author/publisher)
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