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Your car knows best. Proefschrift Technische Universiteit Delft TUD.
20210435 ST [electronic version only]
Gent, P. van
Delft, The Netherlands TRAIL Research School, 2021, XIII + 145 p., ref.; TRAIL Thesis Series ; T2021/20 - ISBN 978-90-5584-295-7

Samenvatting Congestion is a major issue in traffic systems around the globe, with high economical, societal, and health-related costs incurred. Mitigating congestion is a difficult issue. Counterintuitively, building more roads might not lead to a congestion reduction. This is because, as more road area becomes available and congestion reduces, more people might choose to take up their car as a primary mode of transportation, again increasing congestion. This dissertation is not about the need for more asphalt, nor about the need to reduce mobility, rather it explores how to persuade drivers to use the already existing roads more effectively through lane-specific advice, thereby alleviating congestion on (Dutch) multi-lane motorways. (Author/publisher)
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