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Entwicklung und Evaluation effizienter Trainingsmaßnahmen für ältere Verkehrsteilnehmer zur Förderung ihrer Fahrkompetenz. [Development and evaluation of efficient training procedures for elderly road users to support their driving competence.] Bericht zum Forschungsprojekt 82.0650 der Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen BASt.
20210154 ST [electronic version only]
Schoch, S. Julier, R. Kenntner-Mabiala, R. & Kaussner, Y.
Bergisch Gladbach, Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen BASt, 2021, 67 + 84 p., ref.; Berichte der Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen : Mensch und Sicherheit ; Heft M 309 - ISSN 0943-9315 / ISBN 978-3-95606-558-3

Samenvatting Evaluated training measures for the improvement of driving competency of elderly drivers lead to considerable improvement in driving performance. However, conducting such trainings is both very time-consuming and costly making its nationwide implementation difficult. Thus, the aim of the present project was to develop and evaluate a modular training program for elderly drivers, which is easy, low-cost and time efficient. Based on a personalized profile including driving related performance deficits and the individual need for mobility of the elderly driver, a personalized training schedule is compiled. It includes specific driving exercises, group sessions to refresh knowledge of traffic rules, as well as consultation and training for the compensation of age-related restrictions and the use of driver assistance systems. Training sessions in familiar and limited areas are offered for persons who cannot or can no longer safely manage driving in an unknown environment. For the evaluation of the training program, a pre-post-design with N = 30 subjects was realized. The pre-post ratings of driving competency and the subjective ratings (of test subjects, driving instructors and psychologists) were used as criteria for the success of the training. The driving competency measured through different performance parameters increased through the participation. The driving instructors found the program to be useful and feasible. Participants were very satisfied with the concept of the training and evaluated it as being helpful. Therefore, this training concept seems to be promising for further use beyond the project work. A scientifically accompanied introduction of the training concept to several driving schools, supported by the development of marketing and information campaigns, is recommended. (Author/publisher)
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