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Safe on the road : does Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems ADAS use affect road risk perception?
20210135 ST [electronic version only]
Hagl, M. & Kouabenan, D.R.
Transportation Research Part F - Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, Vol. 73 (August 2020), p. 488-498, ref.

Samenvatting A major goal of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) deployment is higher road safety. However, these systems are only as safe as users handle them. This article presents a study evaluating the links between the use of ADAS and road risk perception. 101 drivers were invited to evaluate accident probability and risk controllability and to indicate whether they were using ADAS or not. Results show that the use of ADAS decreases perceived accident probability and increases perceived controllability for risky driving situations. Since the degree of automation in ADAS is still low nowadays, it is important to discuss the importance of human factors for the purpose of a safer implementation. (Author/publisher)
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