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[ERSO/SafetyNet - RISMET - DaCoTa : documents and deliverables].
20210080 [electronic version only]

[S.l., s.n.], [2021], 1 p.

Samenvatting * ERSO / SafetyNet : SafetyNet was an Integrated Project funded under the Sixth Framework Research Programme. It had 21 Partners from 18 countries and had the goal of developing the framework for the European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO). The project started in May 2004 and was completed in October 2008. More information on SafetyNet can be found on https://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/specialist/erso_en; Deliverables: download ZIP file at http://cedrprogress.eu/files/DACOTA-ERSO-RISMET.zip. * RISMET : RISMET aimed at developing suitable road safety engineering evaluation tools that will support the aims of the “improvement of road safety through an increased awareness and acceptance to implement joint road safety solutions” based on the concepts of self explaining roads (SER) and with just consideration of human factors and tolerances. More information on RISMET can be found on on https://www.cedr.eu/strategic-plan-tasks/research/era-net-road/call-2009-safety/rismet-project-results/. Deliverables: download ZIP file at http://cedrprogress.eu/files/DACOTA-ERSO-RISMET.zip * DACOTA : DaCoTA is the follow-up of SafetyNet and is also funded by DG-TREN (now: DG MOVE) of the European Commission. The objective of DaCoTA was to add to the strength and wealth of information in the Observatory by enhancing the existing data and adding new road safety information. This project was finalised in 2012. More information on DACOTA can be found on http://www.dacota-project.eu/. Deliverables: download ZIP file http://cedrprogress.eu/files/DACOTA-ERSO-RISMET.zip.
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