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Distracted driving White Paper.
20210077 ST [electronic version only]
Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA)
Ottawa, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), 2018, 58 p., ref. - ISBN 978-1-927993-33-0

Samenvatting Distracted driving is a priority area for CCMTA federal, provincial and territorial members who recognize that it is a serious and growing threat to road safety in Canada. Distracted driving is when a driver’s attention is diverted from the driving task by secondary activities (e.g., eating, talking to passengers, talking or texting on electronic communication devices (ECDs) such as cell phones and smart phones) (Road Safety Strategy 2025). Although there are many forms of ‘distracted driving’, much of the reported evidence available is related to electronic communication device use. The purpose of this Distracted Driving White Paper is to provide information and knowledge to members as they develop policy and legislation to address distracted driving. The paper summarizes work carried out to date on distracted driving and identifies gaps in knowledge. This work will support and inform the jurisdictions as they look at their own efforts to address distracted driving. (Author/publisher)
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