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A front- and rear-view assistant for older cyclists : evaluations on technical performance, user experience and behaviour.
20210074 ST [electronic version only]
Engbers, C. Dubbeldam, R. Buurke, J.H. Kamphuis, N. Hair-Buijssen, S.H.H.M. de Westerhuis, F. Waard, D. de & Rietman, J.S.
International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Vol. 5 (2018), No. 4, p. 257-276, ref.

Samenvatting The older cyclist is more prone to get cycling accidents than younger cyclists. To support the older cyclist, a rear- and front-view assistant were developed that warns the cyclist of approaching traffic. User tests to evaluate system performance, user-experience and effects on behaviour were performed with 20 older cyclists (>64 years) on a predefined route outdoors with and without support from both assistants. During this route, the cyclist was confronted with two controlled scenarios with an overtaking and an oncoming cyclist. The participants' cycling behaviour was assessed by measuring lateral distance to the other cyclist, and distance maintained to the verge. The assistants had no effect on experienced mental workload. Both assistants received positive evaluations, although the rear-view assistant was experienced as more useful. Using the front-view assistant resulted in less lateral distance to the approaching oncoming cyclist, while the use of the rear-view assistant did not have effects on lateral distance. (Author/publisher)
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