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Autonomous pedestrian detection in transit buses.
20210020 ST [electronic version only]
Fong, T. Kargbo, A. Luga, F. Martinovic, D. Milliard, M. Padberg, M. Nizam Shaikh, K.H. Sirry, A. & Trant, P.
Worcester, MA, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2018, XXVI + 236 p., 147 ref.; Project Code MQP-AW1-BUS1

Samenvatting This project created a proof of concept for an automated pedestrian detection and avoidance system designed for transit buses. The system detects objects up to 12 meters away, calculates the distance from the system using a solid-state LIDAR, and determines if that object is human by passive infrared. This triggers a visual and sound warning. A Xilinx Zynq-SoC utilizing programmable logic and an ARM-based processing system drive data fusion, and an external power unit makes it configurable for transit-buses. (Author/publisher)
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