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Bridge-WIM Pilotversuch : Begleitung und Auswertung. [Monitoring and evaluation of Bridge-WIM pilot test.] Bericht zum Forschungsprojekt 89.0325 der Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen BASt.
20210006 ST [electronic version only]
Kathmann, T. Scotti, C. & Kucera, U.
Bergisch Gladbach, Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen BASt, 2020, 103 p., ref.; Berichte der Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen : Verkehrstechnik ; Heft V 337 - ISSN 0943-9331 / ISBN 978-3-95606-535-4

Samenvatting The aim of the research project was to accompany a Bridge-WIM pilot project in Germany and to evaluate it in detail. For this purpose, two systems were installed on a bridge structure on behalf of BASt. The collected data, in combination with exactly weighed vehicles, were evaluated and thus allow statements to be made about achievable accuracies. In addition, both the installation and the dismantling were intensively accompanied by the researcher in order to identify possible restrictions and to define boundary conditions. From this, time requirement values for the different work steps could be determined, which can be used in the context of economic considerations. The pilot test has shown that a survey of heavy traffic by Bridge-WIM-Systems is a possible supplement to the existing axle load measurement network in Germany. The systems are mobile and can be installed on suitable bridges in the network. In the pilot test, the quality of the measurements was found to be good, especially for the total weights, while the other measured variables had different limitations for the two systems tested. The systems were stable during the test period and the data were transmitted in the specified uniform formats, so that a comparison during the evaluation was possible without any problems. The temperature sensitivity of the systems was also considered. The tested Bridge-WIM-Systems are particularly suitable for applications that require mainly total weights. (Author/publisher)
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