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Speed-pedelec helmet : argumentation for the new helmet requirements of NTA 8776 as formulated in the NEN workgroup.
20200595 ST [electronic version only]
Hair, S. de Rodarius, C. & Frias Goyenechea, M.
Helmond, TNO Technical Sciences, 2016, 18 p., 17 ref.; TNO 2016 R11261

Samenvatting The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure has asked TNO to participate in the NEN working group for developing the NTA (‘Nederlands Technische Afspraak’=’National Technical Agreement’) for test requirements for speed-pedelec helmets. The role that the Ministry envisions for TNO is to ensure that an adequate safety level for speed-pedelec riders with respect to head protection upon impact. This report summarizes the choices made and the reasoning behind the NTA development. (Author/publisher)
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