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Sociomobility of the 21st century : autonomous vehicles, planning, and the future city.
20200596 ST [electronic version only]
Kassens-Noor, E. Dake, D. Decaminada, T. Kotval-K, Z. Qu, T. Wilson, M. & Pentland, B.
Transport Policy, Vol. 99 (December 2020), p. 329-335, ref.

Samenvatting Autonomous vehicles are an emerging technology that can fundamentally change how our society moves and lives. The authors reviewed the infant literature of 185 peer-reviewed articles on the social context of an AV-enabled mobility future. They developed a taxonomy based on sociomobility that illustrates how AVs reinforce the status-quo in our society as AV-mobility is primarily defined as an auto issue and not a mobility question. Absent from the literature are alternate mobility scenarios, land-use interactions, livability, the transition period when both AVs and human drivers occupy road space, and impacts on the natural environment. (Author/publisher)
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