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Fatigue and distraction detection : a review of commercially available devices to detect fatigue and distraction in drivers.
20200554 ST [electronic version only]
Hermens, F.
Den Haag, SWOV - Instituut voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid, 2020, 160 p., ref.; R-2020-6

Samenvatting A substantial portion of work-related deaths are due to road crashes during the course of work or on the way to and from work, and fatigue and distraction are known risk factors for such road crashes. While fatigue management programmes (e.g., maximum driving and minimum resting hours) are at the core of preventing fatigue related crashes, not all crashes may be prevented with such traditional measures. To reduce the risks of fatigue and distraction, devices have therefore been developed to warn drivers before starting their journey or while driving. The present report, commissioned by Shell Global Solutions International B.V., BP International Limited, Total S.A., and Chevron Services Company, provides a detailed comparison of around 100 such technologies and systems, with the overall aim to provide a recommendation on which devices to consider for further testing or use.
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