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What and how to tell beforehand : the effect of user education on understanding, interaction and satisfaction with driving automation.
20200520 ST [electronic version only]
Forster, Y. Hergeth, S. Naujoks, F. Krems, J.F. & Keinath, A.
Transportation Research Part F - Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, Vol. 68 (January 2020), p. 316-335, ref.

Samenvatting The success of introducing automated driving systems to consumers will depend on an appropriate understanding and human-automation interaction with this technology. Educating users on driving automation technology bears the potential to attain these two requirements. In a driving simulator study, we investigated the effects of user education on mental models, human-automation interaction performance (i.e., time on task, error rate, experimenter rating) and satisfaction with a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for automated driving. N = 80 participants were randomly assigned to one of three different user education conditions or to a baseline. Subsequently, they completed several driver-initiated control transitions between manual, Level 2 (L2), and Level 3 (L3) automated driving. The results revealed that user education promoted an accurate evolution of mental models for driving automation. These, in turn, facilitated interaction performance in transitions from manual to both L2 and L3 automated driving. There was no comparable influence of prior education on performance in transitions between the automation levels. Due to the performance enhancing effects of user education, no further improvements of interaction performance were observed for educated users in comparison to uneducated users. There was no effect of user education on satisfaction. The current findings emphasize the necessity to provide information about automated vehicle HMIs to first-time users to support accurate understanding and behavior. Based on the current findings, we propose conceptual approaches to teach users and derive implications for user studies on automated vehicle HMIs. (Author/publisher)
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