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Human-vehicle cooperation in automated driving : a multidisciplinary review and appraisal.
20200518 ST [electronic version only]
Biondi, F. Alvarez, I. Jeong, K.-A.
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 35 (2019), No. 11, p. 932-946, ref.

Samenvatting To draw a comprehensive and cohesive understanding of human–vehicle cooperation in automated driving, a review is made on key studies in human–robot interaction and human factors. Throughout this article, insight is provided into how human drivers and vehicle systems interplay and influence each other. The limitations of technology-centered taxonomies of automation are discussed and the benefits of accounting for human agents are examined. The contributions of machine learning to automated driving and how critical models in human-system cooperation can inform the design of a more symbiotic relationship between driver and vehicle are investigated. Challenges in the human element to enable the safe introduction of road automation are also discussed. Particularly, the unintended consequences of vehicle automation on driver’s workload, situation awareness and trust are examined, and the social interactions between driver, vehicle, and other road users are investigated. This review will help professionals shape future directions for safer and more efficient and effective human–vehicle cooperation. (Author/publisher)
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