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Specification of safe systems projects : Kenya. Deliverable 5.12 of the H2020 project SaferAfrica.
20200416 ST [electronic version only]
Schermers, G. Omari, P.P. & Aketch, S.
Brussels, European Commission, 2019, 73 p. 15 ref.; Grant agreement No 724029

Samenvatting The Road Safety Management Capacity Review (RSMCR) has clearly demonstrated that Kenya is still experiencing significant problems across most areas of road safety manegement. There is an apparent lack of capacity in this area and the fact that road safety targets are not evidence based or driven, that targets are not shared by stakeholders, that road traffic crash numbers are growing, that approaches and remedial programmes are fragmented and underfunded, all suggest that Kenya finds itself very much in the establishment phase of the development cycle. Recognising this allows a strategic action plan to be built up in which there is a logical progression in which strategic priorities in one preceding phase become building blocks in the following phase. In this way it can be ensured that all the vital components necessary for effective road safety management are in place before driving large scale intervention programmes and associated investments forward. The RSMCR of Kenya allows the development of a strategic action plan in which the strategic priorities are highlighted per development phase. This also forms the foundation of a proposed long-term road safety investment strategy for road strategy for road safety which is presented in this report. (Author/publisher)
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