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Road safety management in South Africa. Deliverable 5.10 of the H2020 project SaferAfrica.
20200415 ST [electronic version only]
Schermers, G. Small, M. & Niekerk, E. van
Brussels, European Commission, 2019, 102 p.; Grant agreement No 724029

Samenvatting This study was originally conceived as a Road Safety Management Capacity Review (RSMCR), following an established methodology that is being applied in four other countries in the SaferAfrica project. For a variety of reasons, this was not possible for South Africa. A more limited, strategically oriented study was conducted instead. Along with the review of several documents, such as the National Road Safety Strategy 2016-2030 (NRSS), several people within stakeholder organisations have been interviewed, focusing on the agency's road safety roles and responsibilities, particularly in relation to the NRSS, and any observations about: * current national activity regarding road safety management and barriers to progress; * the lead agency specific role and activities regarding road safety manegement and barriers to progress. The goal of the interviews was to gather insights from stakeholders and to develop a high-level understanding of national road safety management systems within South Africa, sufficient to provide options for a path forward to better results. These observations are focused on higher order road safety management issues. (Author/publisher)
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