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Road safety management capacity review : Kenya. Deliverable 5.9 of the H2020 project SaferAfrica.
20200414 ST [electronic version only]
Schermers, G. Omari, P. & Aketch, S.
Brussels, European Commission, 2018, 133 p., ref.; Grant agreement No 724029

Samenvatting Work Package 5 of the SaferAfrica project deals with Road Safety Management Capacity Reviews (RSMCR) and focusses on 5 selected African countries, namely Cameroon, South Africa, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Tunisia. This report deals with the RSMCR conducted in Kenya in February 2018. The focus of the review is on how road safety is managed in Kenya rather than a detailed analysis of each of the underlying problems themselves. This RSMCR is the result of interactions between the review team and primary stakeholders in transport generally, and road safety particularly, and taking into account studies, research and data related to the development of road safety in Kenya. The following management issues emerged during the review as areas of critical concern for Kenya in het quest to reduce crashes as in compliance to the Road Safety Action Plan: 1) Weak institutional coordination and partnerships; 2) Less than comprehensive alignment of policy, legislation and funding; 3) Weak/low design standards for roads and infrastructure; 4) Low threshold for inspection and enforcement; 5) Low vehicle safety standards; 6) Inadequate driver training; 7) Low public education for road users; 8) Low quality research and data; 9) Inadequate post-crash and first response policy and facilities. The report illustrates key management and capacity issues around these issues with a commentary on possible solutions that can improve the situation and reduce road crashes and fatalities. (Author/publisher)
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