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Inception report : Cameroon. Deliverable 5.1 of the H2020 project SaferAfrica.
20200411 ST [electronic version only]
Bajia, N. Schermers, G. Tripodi, A. & Ammari, A.
Brussels, European Commission, 2017, 43 p., 22 ref.; Grant agreement No 724029

Samenvatting This inception report serves as a primary input to facilitate discussions between the teams conducting road safety management capacity reviews on behalve of the SaferAfrica project and senior officials in Cameroon dealing with road transport matters in general and road safety in particular. The report provides a general backgorund of the SaferAfrica project, gives some details regarding the work package dealing with Road Safety Management Capacity Reviews (RSMCR, WP5), provides an initial assessment of the road safety situation in Cameroon and finally provides an outline and planning for executing the RSMCR in five African countries. This report reflects the current understanding of the capacity review team of the general road safety situation in Cameroon. It does not pretend to be complete or cover all issues in the same level of detail and, of course, road safety organisation and activity changes over time. The purpose is to provide some background to facilitate discussions with stakeholders so as to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying road safety issues pertaining to road safety management in particular and to source evidence of the specific issues. In addition to reflecting on the road safety situation in Cameroon this inception report also serves to ensure that the stakeholders share a common understanding of how the SaferAfrica project will be conducted. (Author/publisher)
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