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Fostering initiatives on road safety policies. Deliverable 3.2 of the H2020 project SaferAfrica.
20200408 ST [electronic version only]
Goldenbeld, C. Carnis, L. Kluppels, L. Mignot, D. Usami, D.S. González-Hernández, B. Cardoso, J. Schermers, G.
Brussels, European Commission, 2019, 116 p., ref.; Grant agreement No 724029

Samenvatting The current report is part of SaferAfrica Task 3.2 within the Work Package (WP) 3. Chapter 1 provides background on this Work Package and the Task. In the next chapter the method and data sources for this report wille be further described. In chapters 3 to 7 an analysis of road safety policy performance in five African regions and separate countries in these regions will be presented. The report closes with a summary and discussion of future project on road safety policies. The Safer Africa WP3 has its primary focus on the technical acitivities of the Dialogue Platform. Specific Working Groups, comprising different stakeholders and organisations will be in charge of analysing, synthesising and working out the results of activities realised in WP4, 5, 6 and 7. These will develop recommendations/projects on future initiatives in domains such as road safety policies, road safety (and possibly traffic) management, capacity building and road safety actions. Different stakeholders such as for example IRTAD/ITF, will be involved in the Working Groups activities. A core task of WP3 is to conduct an assessment of the application of the African Road Safety Sction Plan (ARSAP). The results from WP3 tasks will provide direct inputs for the activities of WP2. (Author/publisher)
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