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MeBeSafe MEasures for BEhaving SAFEly in traffic. Deliverable D4.5: Report on effective feedback.
20200404 ST [electronic version only]
Craen, S. de Fahrenkrog, F. Lillington, T. Ljung Aust, M. Smeets, C. & Wåhlberg, A. af
[Brussels], European Union, 2019, 67 p., ref.; Horizon Research and Innovation Programme

Samenvatting This deliverable describes the results of the pilot test with the coaching scheme and DriveMate app for Heavy Good Vehicle (HGV) drivers and the app (to increase ACC use) for Volvo drivers. The coaching scheme for HGV drivers consists of an online (app based) and offline (face-to-face coaching) part. Because of the unfortunate delay in the development of the app, the pilot test was very limited in scope, and no face-to-face coaching was initiated. The analysis of the preliminary data collected with the DriveMate app does seem to indicate that, with the exception of some errors, the system is generally working as planned concerning the data gathered. The DriveMate app (as part of the coaching scheme for HGV drivers) needs to be improved cosiderably before it can be used in the field trial. With the current (V1) version the authors expect to achieve only a small effect of online and offline coaching, which is not expected to show up in the field trial. The further development of the app is dependent on a pending amendment request. For the pilot test with Volvo drivers, a collaboration between the MeBESafe pilot test and another (in-house) Volvo project called In-Car Test Drive was set up. An Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) activation coaching function was developed, and the feedback and experiences from customers involved in the In-Car Test Drive pilots were analysed. The results show that the app based coaching was highly successful in terms of coaching drivers to use ACC. First time usage was accomplished for a number of individuals who would otherwise never have tried to activate ACC. However, it also became very clear that the app itself did not provide a sufficiently robust, natural and trustworthy interaction for drivers with limited interest in new technology and in activating functions like ACC (in other words, the intended target group for ACC coaching in MeBeSafe). As a much more sophisticated app design would be required to overcome those difficulties, it was decided that the best way forward would be to employ a Wizard of Oz-approach in the field trial. This makes it possible to understand to which degree the target group of non ACC users are coachable into ACC usage without spending a prohibitively large sum of money on further app development first. (Author/publisher)
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