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MeBeSafe MEasures for BEhaving SAFEly in traffic. Deliverable D4.3: Final coaching scheme.
20200403 ST [electronic version only]
Wåhlberg, A. af Craen, S. de Ljung Aust, M. & Neuhuber, N.
[Brussels], European Union, 2019, 115 p., ref.; Horizon Research and Innovation Programme

Samenvatting This deliverable describes the coaching interventions developed for heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and car drivers in WP4 of MeBeSafe. Coaching is usually defined as a developmental and educational relationship between people (i.e. offline coaching), but has been extended in this work to guidance delivered by technical systems (i.e. online coaching). The aim of the coaching implemented in WP4 is to effect a change towards safer driver behaviour. For HGV drivers, the report includes brief descriptions of the coaching support functions in the DriverMate app, principles applied for the coaching scheme, and behavioural techniques taught to the drivers. Furthermore, one section describes possible future development of the app and associated coaching, including functions for goal setting, driver input, positive feedback, etc. For car drivers, the report includes an overview of the reasons underlyinh the chosen approach toward coaching in the context on increasing the use of Active Cruise Control (ACC) in privately owned vehicles, principles applied for the coaching scheme, and the resulting implementation that will be used during the field trials. (Author/publisher)
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