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Balancing traffic safety and independent mobility : the development of an assessment strategy and training for at-risk older drivers. Proefschrift Universiteit Hasselt.
20200333 ST [electronic version only]
Urlings, J.H.J.
Hasselt, Universiteit Hasselt, 2019, 209 p., ref.

Samenvatting As the number of older adults in society will continue to increase and as independent mobility significantly contributes to the quality of life of elderly persons, it is important to keep older drivers safely on the road for as long as possible. To compromise between the increased accident risk, caused by functional decline or certain pathologies, and the need for independent mobility, a careful follow-up of older drivers is indicated. The doctoral thesis therefore focuses on the development of a tiered system of older driver evaluation. The role of a self-screening instrument for older drivers in the context of a tiered screening system is explored. Additionally a practical, easy and quick to administer set of screening tools for the assessment of fitness to drive in the doctors office has been identified. Lastly, the influence of personality traits on driving and self-reports of driving in older adults was investigated. To improve and maintain driving skills in older drivers, two training programs were developed based on documented best-practices. (Author/publisher)
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