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Hands on the wheel, eyes on the phone : the effect of smart phone usage on road safety.
20200317 ST [electronic version only]
Brands, D. Klingen, J. & Ostermeijer, F.
Amsterdam / Rotterdam, Tinbergen Institute, 2020, 46 p., ref.; Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper ; TI 2020-024/VIII - ISSN 0929-0834

Samenvatting The authors provide novel evidence on the effect of smart phone use on road accidents. They exploit variation in phone usage fees in the Netherlands following a change in European Union (EU) roaming regulations implemented in 2017. The growth rate of mobile data roaming increased substantially after the change, which allows the authors to estimate a difference-in-differences model where non-Dutch drivers from the EU are treated, while Dutch drivers serve as control group. Their results suggest that around 10% of vehicles involved in accidents can be explained by the use of smart phones, and that these accidents mainly happen on urban roads. (Author/publisher)
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