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Using physiological and behavioral measurements in a picture-based road hazard perception experiment to classify risky and safe drivers.
20200315 ST [electronic version only]
Liang, B. & Lin, Y.
Transportation Research Part F - Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, Vol. 58 (October 2018), p. 93-105, ref.

Samenvatting Every year, a considerable number of people got injured or even lost their lives in road traffic accidents. To decrease the number of fatalities and injuries, researchers are seeking methods to identify and restrain drivers before the happening of actual traffic accidents, who possess dangerous driving behaviors and may cause road traffic accidents. Such methods are usually exploited to decide drivers’ fitness to drive—an indicator to describe whether they are fit for driving. The aim of this study is to measure drivers’ physiological and behavioral responses to road hazards and to extract features from measurements for further classification of risky and safe drivers. 42 drivers participated in a picture-based road hazard perception experiment, where electroencephalography (EEG), electrodermal activity (EDA), behavioral responses to road hazards, multidimensional driving style inventory (MDSI) questionnaire, and demographic information were recorded. Results indicated that 5 specific physiological features regarding to road hazard perception showed significant differences between risky and safe drivers. Subsequently, participants were classified into risky or safe drivers group by applying only the 5 features. 81.82% and 77.78% accuracy of classification were attained for risky and safe drivers, respectively. It was evidenced that using physiological and behavioral responses to evaluate drivers’ road hazard perception might be utilized as a tool to measure drivers’ fitness to drive. For further studies, improvements to future experiment design were discussed. (Author/publisher)
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