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Proactive pedestrian safety evaluation at unprotected mid-block crosswalk locations under mixed traffic conditions.
20200601 ST [electronic version only]
Kadali, B.R. & Vedagiri, P.
Safety Science, Vol. 89 (November 2016), p. 94-105, ref.

Samenvatting The pedestrian safety can be evaluated by proactive methods (conflict techniques). Proactive method is a cost-effective technique as compared to the historic crash data analysis. Pedestrian safety studies at mid-block crosswalks based on proactive methods are required due to the growing number of pedestrian crossing facilities in developing countries. Hence, the present study evaluated the pedestrian safety at unprotected mid-block crosswalks by considering the proactive safety measure as a pedestrian safety margin (PSM). PSM is the time difference between accepted vehicular time gap with reference to the pedestrian crossing path and pedestrian actual crossing time (based on the field conditions). To fulfill this objective eight unprotected mid-block crosswalks were selected which have different roadway characteristics. Video graphic survey has been conducted for data collection at these locations. PSM values were extracted corresponding to the pedestrian behavioural, vehicular and traffic characteristics at all the eight crosswalks. Further, stepwise regression and binary logit models (the probability of pedestrian-vehicle non-conflict) have been developed in order to find out the factors contributing to the PSM values as well as predicting the probability of avoiding conflict with an approaching vehicle at unprotected mid-block crosswalks. From the study, it is observed that pedestrian behavioural characteristics such as rolling behaviour and speed change conditions significantly reduce the PSM values, and it influences the probability of avoiding conflict with an approaching vehicle at unprotected mid-block crosswalks. These findings may be useful for evaluation of the existing unprotected mid-block crosswalk locations and for increasing the pedestrian safety at these crosswalks by considering suitable control measurements on pedestrian behaviour under mixed traffic conditions. (Author/publisher)
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