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Weight status associations with physical activity intensity and physical self-perceptions in 10- to 11-year-old children.
20200172 ST [electronic version only]
Fairclough, S.J. Boddy, L.M. Ridgers, N.D. & Stratton, G.
Pediatric Exercise Science, Vol. 24 (2012), No. 1 (January), p. 100-112, 49 ref.

Samenvatting The study examined associations between children’s weight status, physical activity intensity, and physical self-perceptions. Data were obtained from 409 children (224 girls) aged 10–11 years categorized as normal-weight or overweight/obese. Physical activity was assessed using accelerometry, and children completed the Physical Self-Perception Profile. After controlling for the effects of age, maturation, and socioeconomic status vigorous physical activity was significantly associated with normal-weight status among boys (OR = 1.13, p = .01) and girls (OR = 1.13, p = .03). Normal-weight status was significantly associated with perceived Physical Condition (Boys: OR = 5.05, p = .008; Girls: OR = 2.50, p = .08), and Body Attractiveness (Boys: OR = 4.44, p = .007; Girls: OR = 2.56, p = .02). Weight status of 10–11 year old children was significantly associated with time spent in vigorous physical activity and self-perceptions of Body Attractiveness and Physical Condition. (Author/publisher)
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