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Risk of pedestrian falls in Oslo, Norway : relation to age, gender and walking surface condition.
20200169 ST [electronic version only]
Elvik, R. & Bjørnskau, T.
Journal of Transport and Health, Vol. 12 (March 2019), p. 359-370, 20 ref.

Samenvatting The risk of pedestrian falls in Oslo, Norway, is analysed. Injury data were collected during 2016 by the municipal emergency medical clinic. A total of 6309 injured pedestrians were recorded. 6109 were injured in falls in which no other road user was involved. The risk of falling per million kilometres walked varies by age, gender and surface condition. Women have a higher risk than men. Risk has a J-shaped variation with age for both genders, being highest among the oldest. The presence of snow or ice on the walking surface is associated with more than a doubling of risk. There are few comparable previous studies of the risk of pedestrian falls. However, to the extent comparisons can be made, pedestrian risk of injury by falling is higher in Oslo than in other cities or countries. The preventability of falls is discussed. (Author/publisher)
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