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Gurte, Kindersitze, Helme und Schutzkleidung : 2017.
20190248 ST [electronic version only]
Evers, C.
Bergisch Gladbach, Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen BASt, [2018], [4] p; Daten & Fakten Kompakt ; 01/18

Samenvatting Represented are the results of the year 2017. The data in brackets refer to the year 2016. The seat belt wearing rates of adult car occupants remained in 2017 with 98 percent at the same high level as in the previous years. 88 percent of the children were seated in a child restraint on rural roads (87) and in built up areas (83). In the group of children from the age of 6 years upwards, on rural roads 83 percent (81) and 85 percent (73) on built-up area roads were seated in a child restraint system. In the age group of children up to 5 years 92 percent (93) used an appropriate restraint system on rural roads and 93 percent (2016: 91) in build-up areas. 99 percent of the motorised two-wheel drivers and 100 percent of the passengers of motorised two-wheelers wore safety helmets. 29 percent of the drivers (17) and 11 percent of the passengers (17) wore complete motorcycle clothing when using two-wheeled motorcycles. 72 percent (76) in the age group of 6 to 10 years wore a helmet when using a bicycle. Over all age groups, 19 percent (17) of the bicyclists used a helmet. Seat belt wearing rates of lorry drivers decreased to 82 percent (88). (Author/publisher)
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