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Summary of TØI Report 1580/2017 "Road safety effects of vehicles crashworthiness, weight, and compatibility".
20190096 ST [electronic version only]
Høye, A.
Oslo, Institute of Transport Economics TØI, 2017, 4 p.; TØI Report ; 1580/2017

Samenvatting This report presents results of literature reviews of the effects of vehicles crashworthiness, weight, and compatibility on crash severity, as well as effects of electric vehicles on crashes and crash severity. Empirical studies have investigated the relationship between crash test results (in programs such as Euro NCAP) and injury severity in crashes, changes of vehicles crashworthiness and weight over time and differences between different types of vehicles. Crash compatibility describes the degree to which vehicles protect both own occupants and crash partners in collisions. Some studies have estimated potential effects of changing the composition of the vehicle fleet with respect to types of vehicles or vehicle weights on the total number of killed or seriously injured. Effects of crashworthiness, weight and compatibility for electric vehicles are described in an own chapter which also addresses the effects of electric vehicles on crash risk. (Author/publisher) To order and/or read the complete report, see https://www.toi.no/getfile.php/1346614/Publikasjoner/T%C3%98I%20rapporter/2017/1580-2017/1580-2017-elektronisk.pdf (Rapportnr: 1580/2017 / ISBN 978-82-480-1089-0 (electronic version) / Language: Norwegian)
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