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THINK! Drug driving : evaluation 2015.
20151211 ST [electronic version only]
London, Department for Transport (DfT), 2015, 55 p.

Samenvatting The law changed in March 2015 to make it illegal to drive with certain drugs above the specified blood levels in the body. As such, DfT ran a campaign to inform the public of this change, with 3 key objectives: - Raise awareness of the new drug drive legislation and build knowledge and understanding of what it means to drivers - Increase awareness and salience of the consequences of a drug drive conviction - Increase the belief that you’re likely to be caught and convicted if you drug drive The primary audience was all adults, to inform the public of the change in legislation. The secondary audience was young males (17-34s) to challenge and deter those that take drugs and drive. Overview of key findings: About half of respondents recognised some element of the campaign, which represents reasonably strong reach; Communication was on-target, and information about the new drug driving penalties came through clearly; Although the consequences of being stopped for drug driving were found credible, many still have some doubt about the ease with which the police can spot drug drivers on the road; While key metrics have moved among those who have seen the campaign, there is a more modest impact on the campaign’s most direct target (those who know someone who drug drives); and The ads were not considered relevant by most viewers, however, and they did not create a sense of urgency around the issue of drug driving. (Author/publisher)
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