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The traffic safety impact of California's new drunk driving law (AB 541) : an evaluation of the first nine months of experience.
B 22637 /83/
Peck, B.C.
Sacramento, CA, California State Department of Motor Vehicles, 1983, 25 p., graph., tab., ref.; CAL-DMV-RSS-83-87.

Samenvatting The evaluation design was based on the promise that any impact of AB 541 would be limited to accidents involving alcohol. Consequently, one would expect that AB 541, if effective, would result in a reduction in the proportion of injury and fatal accidents due to alcohol. Although all accident categories declined following enactment of AB 541 (1982), the analyses showed a statistically significant larger reduction on four of six alcohol accidents categories; HBD fatal, HBO injury, night injury, and NSVAM injury accidents.
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