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E-Bikes im Strassenverkehr : Sicherheitsanalyse.
20150746 ST [electronic version only]
Scaramuzza, G. Uhr, A. & Niemann, S
Bern, Schweizerische Beratungsstelle für Unfallverhütung BfU, 2015, 128 p., 63 ref.; bfu-Report ; No. 72 - ISBN 978-3-906173-76-4 (print) / ISBN 978-3-906173-77-1 (pdf)

Samenvatting E-bikes in road traffic : a safety analysis. E-bikes are an increasingly popular mode of transport, but they also pose accident risks. Their higher speeds in comparison with bicycles lead to longer braking distances and errors of judgement by other road users. The present research employs an accident analysis, a literature review, a rider survey and an experiment on estimating speed for a target-oriented assessment of the associated traffic safety issues. The most important findings: according to official statistics, e-bike accidents are more serious than bicycle accidents, and serious single-vehicle accidents are more frequent than serious collisions. The differences in accident severity are primarily due to e-bike riders’ higher age. Collisions involving seriously injured e-bike riders often occur at intersections and roundabouts when motorists fail to give right of way to e-bikes. One of the reasons is the underestimation of speed in pedal vehicles. The root cause analysis of serious single-vehicle accidents draws no definite conclusion. It is however clear that e-bike riders are aware of the higher speeds but possibly underestimate their consequences. In-depth analyses of serious single-vehicle accidents and the systematic monitoring of e-bike-relevant parameters are therefore indicated, as are educational measures for motorists and new riders without prior cycling experience. Norms and existing traffic installations should be reviewed with respect to the specific requirements of e-bikes. And finally, the development of higher safety standards (automatic light activation, braking systems etc.) and the sale of e-bikes with high safety standards should be encouraged. (Author/publisher)
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