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2014 annual report of the California DUI management information system : annual report to the legislature of the state of California in accordance with assembly bill 757 chapter 450,1989 legislative session.
20150120 ST [electronic version only]
Oulad Daoud, S.
Sacramento, CA, California Department of Motor Vehicles CAL-DMV, 2014, XII + 159 p., 34 ref.; CAL-DMV-RSS-14-246

Samenvatting In this twenty-third annual legislatively-mandated report, 2011 and 2012 driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (DUI) data from diverse sources were compiled and cross-referenced for the purpose of developing a single comprehensive DUI data reference and monitoring system. This report presents cross-tabulated information on DUI arrests, convictions, court sanctions, administrative actions, and alcohol- or drug-involved crashes. In addition, this report provides 1-year proportions of DUI recidivism and crash rates for first and second DUI offenders arrested in each year over a time period of 22 years. Also, the long-term recidivism curves of the cumulative proportions of DUI re-offenses are shown for all DUI offenders arrested in 1994. Two analyses were conducted to evaluate if referrals to DUI programs were associated with reductions in 1-year subsequent violations and crashes among those convicted of the reduced charge of alcohol- or drug-related reckless driving, and if referrals to the 9-month DUI program were associated with reductions in 1-year subsequent violations and crashes when compared to referrals to the 3-month DUI program among first DUI offenders. The proportions of convicted first and second DUI offenders arrested in 2011, who were referred, enrolled, and completed DUI programs are also presented. (Author/publisher)
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