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Ervaringen met de handleiding AVOC in de praktijk.
B 22516 (In: B 22511) [electronic version only] /81/82/ IRRD 272684
Buck, P.E.M. & Scheffers, P.J.
In: Verkeerskundige Werkdagen, Driebergen-Rijsenburg, 19-20 april 1983, p. 75-84, 3 fig., 1 tab.

Samenvatting A description is given of the different steps in the process of tackling black spots, based on practical experiences. Step by step comment is made about the manageability of the methodology (chapter 2). In chapter 3 are, among other things, some general remarks made in relation to the level of knowledge of the investigator and the procedures concerning the application.
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