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Naturalistic driving study : development of the Roadway Information Database. SHRP 2 Safety Project S04A, prepublication draft, not edited.
20141218 ST [electronic version only]
Smadi, O. Hawkins, N. Hans, Z. Bektas, B.A. Knickerbocker, S. Nlenanya, I. Souleyrette, R. & Hallmark, S.L.
Washington, D.C., Transportation Research Board TRB, 2014, XI + 65 p. + 6 app., ref.; The Second Strategic Highway Research Program SHRP 2 ; SHRP 2 Safety Project S04A

Samenvatting This report documents efforts under SHRP 2 Project SO4A to design, build, and populate a Roadway Information Database (RID) encompassing data from the SHRP 2 mobile data collection project (SO4B), other existing roadway data, and supplemental traffic operations data. The RID was designed to provide high-quality data that are linkable to the SHRP 2 Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS) database and accessible using GIS tools. Potential database users were identified to determine data and usability requirements, and roadway data elements were identified and prioritized. A mobile data collection vendor was selected using the 2008 SHRP 2 S03 Rodeo project results and additional evaluation. A quality assurance plan defined data accuracy requirements and tolerances and outlined the handling of non-conforming data. Mobile data collection covered about 12,500 centerline miles in six NDS sites, or approximately 25,000 miles in both travel directions. Roadway data from existing public resources and supplemental data items were also acquired and included. The final RID design is a simplified version of the revised UNETRANS network data model. Data are referenced to a national basemap for a consistent centerline across the NDS sites, and users can employ dynamic segmentation to produce road segments with any variable of interest. (Author/publisher)
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