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Elsykler : hvem kjøper dem, og hvilken effekt har de? [Ebikes : who wants to buy them and what effect do they have?]
20140993 ST [electronic version only]
Fyhri, A. & Sundfør, H.B.
Oslo, Institute of Transport Economics TØI, 2014, VIII + 29 p. + 1 app., 6 ref.; TØI Report ; 1325/2014 - ISSN 0808-1190 / ISBN 978-82-480-1531-4 (electronic version)

Samenvatting While sales of electric bicycles has increased in several European countries, the sale figures in the Norwegian market has so far been low. In a regional survey in Oslo and Akershus a number of people were recruited to try an ebike over a few weeks. The results show that ebikers have a very positive experience of using the ebike,that they ride their bike far more than they otherwise would, and that the willingness to pay for an ebike increases once you have experienced its benefits. Knowledge of the ebike and the price level affects the desire to buy an ebike, and if you can convince people that they can save time and have a comfortable journey with an ebike, there will be great opportunities to get new travelers over to the bicycle. (Author/publisher)
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