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Road markings at high hazard locations : the use of road markings in remedial engineering measures at black sites.
B 22453 fo /73 /85 / IRRD 258498

Barnsley, Potters Ballotini, 1981, 10 p., 8 ref.

Samenvatting Attention is drawn to the fact that reflectorised road markings are one of the most cost-effective measures to enhance road safety and improve traffic flow. Results are given of before and after studies, conducted in the USA, west germany and great britain, of accident reductions achieved by applying edge line markings on rural roads. Details are also presented of individual evaluations by central and local government of black spot measures where a high proportion of the improvements consisted of road markings. The road markings were used for vehicle channelisation, at rural cross-roads, and for mini-roundabouts. Mention is made of the work carried out at TRRL.
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