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Too many still risking lives by drink and drug driving.
20140860 ST [electronic version only]

Fareham, Association of Chief Police Officers ACPO, 2014, 2 p.; press release

Samenvatting The Association of Chief Police Officers is disappointed with the results of the 2014 summer drink drive campaign. The figures show that while the number of tests administered decreased, the proportion of drivers failing increased by more than 1%. At 7.5%, the failure rate among drivers aged under-25 years was higher than the overall rate (6.5%). The increase in the failure rate could be down to a more intelligence-led approach to testing drivers, with police forces focusing on morning after drink driving and areas where risk was highest. During the campaign, which ran from June 1 to June 30, 63,688 tests were administered, of which 4,108 (6.5%) were failed, tested positive or refused. This is a numerical decrease from 5,170 failed tests in 2013, but a percentage increase of 1.33% as testing practices changed, resulting in a decrease in the number of tests administered. 962 of the failed tests were carried out on drivers aged under-25 years. (Author/publisher)
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