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Jersey Scrutiny review : compulsory wearing of cycle helmets.
20140743 ST [electronic version only]
Carroll, J. Kinnear, N. Helman, S. Hynd, D. & Cuerden, R.
Crowthorne, Berkshire, Transport Research Laboratory TRL, 2014, 48 p., 69 ref.; Published Project Report ; PPR 697 - ISSN 0968-4093 / ISBN 978-1-910377-05-5

Samenvatting TRL undertook a review of the literature relating to mandatory cycle helmet legislation on behalf of the Jersey Scrutiny Panel. This was undertaken to help inform the policy decision regarding compulsory wearing of cycle helmets under the Draft Road Traffic (No. 60) (Jersey) Regulations 201-. The review addressed three broad questions (i) in the event of a collision, what is the influence of a cycle helmet on head injury protection?; (ii) what is the impact of cycle helmet legislation on injury rates?; and (iii) what is the impact of cycle helmet legislation on cycling activity? The review concluded that legislation requiring the wearing of cycle helmets in Jersey can be expected to have a beneficial effect on the injury rates of those impacted by the legislation, especially in collisions that do not involve motor vehicles; most head injuries to younger cyclists in Jersey result from collisions that do not involve motor vehicles. Further, such legislation seems unlikely to have a major impact on cycling activity in Jersey. (Author/publisher)
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